Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Excerpts from "The Tattooed Conscience"

Open to interpretation

Old as the Vedas proof in Gilgamesh
Aristotle classified then kept in inner circles
Ancient coded heart murmurings
Screaming pleading for a release
Time traveling adapting evolving transcending
Dare we allow her to be caressed by strangers
who would dress her in outlandish garb euphemism?
At home among starving young souls
releasing volumes of pent up emotion
Soothing both listeners and it's new owners
She is a willing mistress sauntering about the terrain
Expressing emotions powerful even weak
hunger even starvation melancholy
Love laughter supreme satisfaction
Ancient treasures meet bountiful new harvest
She is all of us from inception to forever

"I Remember..."

Passing blades of grass flowing with the wind
A constant reminder of my past.
Fire rises and sits on the horizon
High noon gets me closer to you.
Which bridge will get me there?
What rivers will I need to cross?
Music is flowing in those blades of grass
generating excitement as it caresses the sky.
She's like those blades of grass
a solidly fixed part of my past.
Though long gone she's always been by my side.
Her smile her laugh and crazy ways
Fill the space outside my window.
She's there in the blades of grass
And I see her with each mile marker I pass.

(c) Mark Granberry

Published with the author's permission.

Interview with poet Mark Granberry coming up soon! Please stay posted!

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Kim said...

I'd heard of this anthology but didn't really know what it was about. Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to the interview.